Uppsala University Representatives from Sweden visited the Faculty of Law

Univerzitet Uppsala

On Friday, 8 March 2019, a meeting with representatives of the Uppsala University from Sweden was held at the University of Sarajevo Faculty of Law.
The visit was realized within the framework of activities on the HOLICOB project (Housing and Living Conditions in B&H) implemented by CENSOR from Tuzla in partnership with the Association of Tenants of the Aros-Gävle Region. The project includes, inter alia, the exchange of experts from BiH and Sweden from the field of housing.
The Swedish delegation consisted of: Dr. Hans Eklund, associate professor of civil and criminal procedural law, Vice-Dean and President of the Teaching Committee at the Law School of the University of Uppsala, Mr. Johan Pelling, Regional Manager and Lawyer of the Housing Tenants of Sweden and Ms. Saffran Rohm, Chairman of Jagvillhabostad.nu.
Guests from Sweden gave a lecture to students of the III and IV years, after which a joint meeting with the representatives of the Faculty Administration was held.