The University of Sarajevo with its organizational units seeks to provide a student-cantered learning environment. Such learning, in the spirit of the Leuven Communiqué Guidelines, requires the training of independent students, new approaches to teaching and learning, effective support and advisory structures, as well as a curriculum that is more clearly focused on learning in all three study cycles. Consequently, curriculum reform will be a on-going process that will lead to high quality, flexible and tailored to the individual path of education. In this spirit, by creating predispositions in the on-going changes in curricula for achieving the priority goals of the Europe 2020 Strategy: smart growth, sustainable growth, inclusive growth, we strive to ensure the employability of graduates and graduates of the University of Sarajevo. Striving for full commitment to earlier guidance from the Prague, Leuven and Berlin Communiqués, highlighting the social characteristics of higher education aimed at ensuring equal opportunities for quality education, we enrol new generations at the University of Sarajevo.
The University is particularly proud of the diversity of the student population, especially the involvement in the teaching process of students from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina. Although the vast majority of students are from Sarajevo Canton, the fact that students from all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina also study at the University gives great satisfaction.

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