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The OBALA Open Stage was established at the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo as a facility where teaching is carried out, student activities from areas of directing, acting and dramaturgy presented, professional theatre productions staged and film screenings organized.
The Academy of Performing Arts Staff Regulations from 1985 state: “Following the adoption of the Staff Regulations of the Obala Open Stage last year and the establishment of the Arts Council of the Stage earlier this year, the draft Statute define the Open Stage as a separate work unit.
Activities of the Open Stage this year will be geared towards showcasing the artistic activities of the Academy’s students to a greater extent than has been the case in the past.
In that regard, the Academy will place emphasis on activities of the Open Stage (including stage projects, exercises), organize initial forms of cooperation with CEDUS and Skenderija etc. Assistant Professor Emir Kusturica is appointed to the position of the Open Stage Artistic Director.” The first Open Stage Artistic Council included the following members: Emir Kusturica (artistic director), Miroslav MANDIĆ, Mirza IDRIZOVIĆ, Zehra KREHO, Nikola STOJANOVIĆ, Sena MUSTAJBAŠIĆ, Jelena ČOVIĆ and Željko NINČIĆ.
The Academy was established in December 1981 and the Obala Open Stage began its activities in November 1984. In a short time, with the help of their staff, professors and students, it became the most interesting theatres in the former Yugoslavia. Audiences still remember many performances staged at this theatre  - “Audicija”, “Čudo u Šarganu”, “Ples 80 -ih”, “Tetovirano pozorište”, “Mrešćenje šarana”, “Ćelava pjevačica”, “Dame biraju”, “Ludilo u dvoje”, “Divlje meso”, “Sav taj Jazz”, etc.