The University of Sarajevo became part of the European university initiative called EUPeace (European University for Peace, Justice, and Inclusive Societies). The EUPeace alliance/network focuses on increasing the effects of internationalization under the prefix of nurturing a peaceful, just and inclusive European society, at different levels. In this way, our university continues the long-standing tradition of inter-university cooperation for the development of a culture of dialogue and the promotion of peace. The EUPeace Alliance consists of nine European universities:

  1. University of Marburg (Germany) - coordinator,
  2. Comillas Ponteficia University of Madrid (Spain),
  3. Çukurova University of Adana (Turkey),
  4. University of Giessen (Germany),
  5. University of Calabria (Italy),
  6. University of Limoges (France),
  7. University of Mostar (BiH),
  8. University of Sarajevo (BiH),
  9. University of West Bohemia (Czech Republic)

The official website of the alliance is