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Bilateral International Agreements

International bilateral agreements of the University of Sarajevo

Our University fosters cooperation with many higher education institutions in Europe, America, Africa, and the Middle and the Far East through various programs, projects, associations, and bilateral cooperation. Below is a list of all partner higher education institutions with which we have signed bilateral agreements/protocols/memoranda of understanding that include various forms of cooperation, capacity building and exchange of students and staff of both institutions. The list also includes active Erasmus+ agreements that enable scholarship-based international mobility of students and staff (through KA107/171).

Initiative to sign an agreement

The International Relations Office is in charge of administrating international bilateral agreements. We have prepared Instructions for the internal approach when our teaching or non-teaching personnel express interest in establishing cooperation between UNSA and higher education institutions (based on previous cooperation, visits, collaboration on projects, etc.). 

For external initiatives (when some international higher education institution expresses interest in starting cooperation/bilateral agreement with UNSA), we recommend contacting our International Relations Office. Our Office will provide needed information and further action in establishing the partnership. 

Note: for bilateral cooperation within the Erasmus+ program (KA107/171), this initiative goes through the open call (which is open by the European Commission).

Signatory to the agreement

Based on the Decision of the Senate of UNSA, inter-institutional bilateral agreements for which there is an interest of only one UNSA unit are signed by the dean, director of the faculty, academy, centre or institute of UNSA. The rector is appointed to sign inter-institutional agreements that include two or more UNSA units/members. 

The list of active and signed inter-institutional agreements is available on the Bosnian version of this page.