How to Apply


Candidates are enrolled in the first year of study following the student enrollment plan. The competition for enrollment in the first year and the cycle of studies is scheduled for mid-June of the current year. The enrollment plan is published on the University of Sarajevo website ( The announcement about enrollment is available in the daily press. Faculties and Academies will provide complete information on their website/bulletin boards concerning the place and time of submitting the application documents for entering the competition.


  • The study of the first cycle for obtaining a diploma lasts three or four years and is evaluated with 180 or 240 ECTS study points. ECTS study credits correspond to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) criteria.
  • The study of the second study cycle lasts one or two study years and is evaluated with 60 or 120 ECTS study points so that, in total, with the first study cycle carries 300 ECTS study points.
  • The integrated study lasts five or six years and is evaluated with 300 or 360 ECTS study points.
  • The professional study, based on which admission to the first cycle of studies is ensured after completing the four-year high school, lasts two study years and is valued at 120 ECTS.
  • The specialist study, which ensures progression to the third cycle of studies, after completing the second cycle of studies, integrated or graduate studies according to the pre-Bologna system, lasts one study year and is valued at 60 ECTS.
  • The third study cycle lasts three years and is evaluated with 180 ECTS study points.


The right to participate in a competition under equal conditions is enjoyed by citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina and foreign nationals with a completed four-year secondary school in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as candidates who completed secondary education outside Bosnia and Herzegovina, for which, after the nostrification and equivalence procedure that they have proved that they have adequate prior education to continue their education.
Exceptionally, candidates who have completed secondary education outside Bosnia and Herzegovina have the right to participate in the competition even before the validation or equivalence of the certificate on completed secondary education abroad. However, such candidates can be enrolled in the first year of the study after the completed nostrification procedure or equivalence of completed secondary education abroad, at the latest until the beginning of the academic year.
The right to participate in the competition and to take the entrance examination also has a candidate with completed secondary school according to international programs approved by the competent ministry and candidates from the countries that emerged after the dissolution of the SFRY. However, they must submit a completed high school certificate or a nostrified testimony.


  • An application for enrollment in which the department is precisely indicated;
  • Original testimonies of completed secondary school grades completed in Bosnia and Herzegovina for a four-year duration, i.e. corresponding nostrified documents for candidates whose secondary school have not been completed in Bosnia and Herzegovina (if the documents are in the process of nostrification, they are accompanied by certified documents from the court interpreter);
  • An original diploma of a completed high school;
  • Birth certificate;
  • Certificate of citizenship.
  • Other documents are relevant for determining the number of points by criteria and possibly other documents specified in the text of the competition.


Foreign citizens who wish to enrol at the University of Sarajevo must carry out the nostrification of the certificate of the completed high school. The Federal Ministry of Education and Science carries out Nostrification. More on nostrification on the Ministry's website:


The selection of candidates is based on the Decision on Criteria and Measures for determining the order of admission of candidates for enrollment in the first year of study at the organizational units of the University of Sarajevo, which is an integral part of the competition, as well as the individual criteria established for the evaluation of grades from the subjects relevant to the corresponding study program and evaluation of the results of entrance exams if they are foreseen.

Suppose admission of the students is conditioned by taking the entrance exam. In that case, each organizational unit determines the date and schedule of the entrance exam and the content and manner of taking it, which will be posted on their web pages/bulletin boards.


The preliminary ranking list of all received and registered candidates of the organizational unit will be published on the website and the bulletin board after it is verified by the organizational unit council, no later than two days from the last day of the entrance examination, and for the organizational units where the entrance examination is not taken - no later than two days after the deadline for submitting applications for the competition.


The level of participation in the prices of services and tuition fees of the University of Sarajevo is determined by the Decision of the Sarajevo Canton Government on the approval of the participation fees for costs of studies at the University of Sarajevo.