The Rectorate

Welcome to the oldest University in BiH!

During the course of its long history, the University of Sarajevo educated a number of eminent experts from every field, gaining both local and international academic reputation. I therefore firmly believe that our commitment to the production of modern and dynamic study programs aligned with global standards is our duty that has no alternative.

Countries that have invested in education of their creative people are awarded with high living standards and market competitiveness. Accordingly, the core of our mission and vision is placing young people in the focus of learning and research to raise and shape competent people of tomorrow who will adequately respond to all human and academic challenges the future brings. The success of our students is the benchmark for tailoring our approach and a constant drive for further improving and developing study conditions that do not lag behind European knowledge acquisition principles. 

Dear future students! I urge you to take a thoughtful approach to education and use the ample opportunities for acquiring knowledge which our University has to offer. Your opting for our University does not only make you a part of a proud student and academic community of more than 30 000 people, but gives you a chance to harness your intellectual curiosity and scientific cognizance into the quality leadership desperately needed in every modern and developed society. 

Be happy and proud for joining the University of Sarajevo and for giving your personal contribution to the development of scientific, professional and ethic thought in our country and abroad.


Yours sincerely,
Prof. Dr. Rifat Škrijelj, Rector of the University of Sarajevo 

Prof. Dr. Rifat Škrijelj
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Work plan for 2016–2020 office term

Work plan for 2020–2024 office term


Prof. Dr. Dženana Husremović, Vice-Rector for Teaching and Students Affairs
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Prof. Dr. Mirza Dautbašić, Vice-Rector for Research
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Prof. Dr. Enita Nakaš, Vice-Rector for International Cooperation
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Prof. Dr. Dušanka Bošković, Vice-Rector for Quality
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Prof. Dr. Tamara Karača Beljak, Vice-Rector for Arts, Artistic Research, Culture and Sports
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Prof. Dr. Tarik Zaimović, Vice-Rector for Finances
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Hamdo Solo, BA, Student Vice-Rector
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General Secretary 
Kenan Filipović

Chief Executive
Prof. Dr. Sahrudin Sarajčić

Internal Audit Officer

Ekrem Čagalj, Grad. Ecc

Head of Rector's Office
Miroslav Živanović