Study, development and projects (OPEN)

Have you completed one cycle of studies at the University of Sarajevo, or are you in your final year and want to continue your studies? Are you employed at the University of Sarajevo and want to find suitable professional training abroad? In that case, Erasmus+ and similar mobility programs or semester exchanges are no longer for you.

In cooperation with the Western Balkan Alumni Association, the International Relations Office of the University of Sarajevo launched the project OPEN (Opportunities Presence through European funds and Networking in B&H and the region). The project aimed to create a platform of programs, funds, financial or other types of support that enable you to study internationally, professional development in and outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the opportunity to (in addition to the Erasmus+ program) submit your conceptual projects (as an individual or an institution) to various available national, regional and European funds.

This way, we want to support the professional development of our students and staff members, as well as our alums, by providing them with information about available international programs and calls for projects. The provided information is on the "local language" side of the web.