Support for the organization of an international scientific conference on the Srebrenica Genocide

Podrška organizaciji međunarodne naučne konferencije o genocidu nad Bošnjacima u Srebrenici

Tuzla Canton Prime Minister, Kadrija Hodžić, received Dr. Rasim Muratović, Scientific Adviser and one of the organizers of the International Scientific Conference “Genocide against Bosniaks, Srebrenica 1995-2020: Causes, Intentions and Consequences.”
On this occasion, Muratović briefly presented the course, content and results of the Conference held in October last year in Sarajevo City Hall, organized by the University of Sarajevo, University of Tuzla, the Institute for Research of Crimes against Humanity and International Law in Sarajevo and the Institute for History, University of Sarajevo.

“72 participants from the country and abroad took part in the conference. Conference results will be published in a collection of papers. In this regard, all papers are currently being collected, after which the editors, in accordance with scientific standards, will send those papers for double review, and the promotion of the Proceedings is planned for 8 July this year in Srebrenica” said Dr. Muratović.

Prime Minister Hodžić expressed support for the organization of the Conference, as well as the publication of a collection of papers, which will remain as a permanent set of scientific views on the Srebrenica Genocide, and as a scientific document contribute to the preservation of collective memory. In this regard, and fully understanding the importance of holding this conference, the Government will support both the publication of the Proceedings and the holding of a new conference this year stated Prime Minister Hodžić.