In Memoriam: Prof. Dr. Sabira Salihović (Sarajevo, 28 May 1952 – 30 March 2021)

In memoriam: prof. dr. Sabira Salihović

It is with deep sadness we inform you of passing away of Prof. Dr. Sabira Salihović, University of Sarajevo Faculty of Transport and Communications professor at the age of 69. Prof. Dr. Sabira Salihović has left a big mark in the scientific research activity of Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially in the field of traffic and communications.

A large number of her scientific papers, publications and books speak of a huge scientific-teaching and professional contribution in the field of traffic and communications. She has mentored dozens of graduates, masters and doctoral students, who remember her for her immense humanity, support and knowledge.

Prof. Dr. Sabira Salihović was born in Sarajevo on 28 May 1952. She finished elementary and high school in Sarajevo. She graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Sarajevo in 1978. Until 1996 she worked in the institutes of Energoinvest: Institute of Thermotechnics and Nuclear Engineering - ITEN (1970 - 1973), Institute for Testing and Control of Materials IKM (1978 - 1982), Institute of Welding - IZE and Institute of Materials and Quality - IMQ (1982 - 1996). Particularly significant engagement was achieved in the implementation of projects of general social interest, such as: design, construction and quality assurance of the main gas pipeline Sarajevo - Zvornik, inter-plant distribution network pipeline at NOVA KOKSARA – Željezara Zenica, OXYGEN PIPELINE - Željezara Zenica, Bosanski Brod Oil Refinery pipeline, and the conquest of the production of elements of nuclear power plants for the NEP-USSR. At the Paton Institute in Kiev, USSR, in 1988 she attended professional training as a representative of young scientists from Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the Welding Institute, in 1989, she was elected to the scientific title of assistant researcher.

She worked at the Faculty of Transport and Communications in scientific and teaching positions since 1996, when she was elected a senior assistant in the subject: Materials and Goods in Transport, and after her doctorate in 2002 she was elected an assistant professor in the subject: Graphic Communications, and in 2006 to the title of assistant professor in the following subjects: Materials and goods in transport and Diagnostics and maintenance of rail vehicles.

She was engaged in the master's study at the home Faculty since 2010/2011 on the subject: Strategies of standardization in the transport and logistics chain. Since 2003, she was a member of the Technical Committee BAS / TC17 - Technical Drawing, Symbols and Units, and since 2007 presided over it. Since 2004 she was a member of BAS/TC 41 - Pressure equipment and containers, and since its establishment in 2009 a member of BAS/TC 46 - Railways. As an active member of these TC, she participated in the adoption and adoption of 663 and review of 11 BAS standards.

“BiH has lost a great expert, an exceptional person, a great friend who, with her scientific and professional results, instructed the new generations of the traffic profession to continue to act for the benefit of society and the homeland. We express our sincere and deep condolences to the family. It remains the knowledge that you selflessly passed on to your dear students, a smile and the ability to make us happy and smiling at every moment of spending time with you,” state University of Sarajevo Faculty of Transport and Communications colleagues and students.