New book published by the UNSA Language Institute: Bosnian Accent Handbook

Nova knjiga u izdanju Instituta za jeziku UNSA: „Bosanski akcenatski priručnik“

Jasmin Hodžić, Aida Kršo, Haris Ćatović, Bosnian Accent Manual, edition of Manuals XIII, Sarajevo: Institute of Language, University of Sarajevo, 2020.
 The book Bosnian Accent Handbook consists of five parts: three theoretical and two practical chapters. The first part talks about the acquisition of competencies in accentuation according to given learning outcomes and theoretically develops innovative methods in response to the question of how to learn and learn accents. The second part of the book presents the basic rules of accentuation in modern language, where additional explanations are given about the importance of correct speech, with detailed explanations of the importance of speech culture and oratory in general. The third part of the book gives the basic features of a possible natural deviation from standard accentuation, through the presentation of individual typical accent features that are not standard in the language and can be heard in certain dialects of the Bosnian language.
The last two chapters are of a practical nature and consist of a textbook and a dictionary. Vocabulary and textbook are provided with the aim of practicing reading and pronouncing accents on practical, marked and sound examples. The dictionary part of the appendix consists of over a thousand examples of verified accent variations in pronunciation, as a sample of some commonly used words. The accent textbook brings material from a hundred accented and sounded literary texts. The texts in the textbook are related to everyday Bosnian life and tradition.