Scholarship fair


What is a Scholarship Fair?

In 2010, the International Relations Office of the University of Sarajevo started a unique project to promote scholarships for studying and professional development in Bosnia and Herzegovina or abroad. The Scholarship Fair invites various local and international institutions (governmental and non-governmental organizations, diplomatic and consular missions, centres of civil initiatives, local communities, foreign institutions, cultural centres, higher education institutions and others) that represent various forms of financial support (scholarships, one-time financial support, loans, etc.) to our citizens to study in Bosnia and Herzegovina and/or abroad. Since 2017, the Scholarship Fair has become part of the International Staff Training Week agenda organized by the International Relations Office to promote the internationalization of universities, enrich existing and enter into new partnerships.

Who is this Scholarship Fair intended for?

Information provided at the Scholarship Fair is intended to students, teaching, scientific, research and non-teaching staff, as well as those (not currently enrolled or employed at any higher education institution) who want to continue their education or further education abroad. The visitors to the Fair are high school students, undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students, and all others who need scholarships for continuous professional development and lifelong learning.

Previous events:

13th Scholarship Fair 2023 (exhibitors)

12th Scholarship Fair 2022

11 Scholarship Fair 2021

10 Scholarship fair 2019

9 Scholarship fair 2018

8 Scholarship fair 2017

7 Scholarship fair 2016

6 Scholarship fair 2015

5 Scholarship fair 2014

4 Scholarship fair 2013

3 Scholarship fair 2012

2 Scholarship fair 2011

1 Scholarship fair 2010