Sarajevo - University Center: continuation of cooperation between the City of Sarajevo and the University of Sarajevo

Sarajevo – univerzitetski centar: nastavak saradnje Grada Sarajeva i Univerziteta u Sarajevu

Dr. Benjamina Karić, Mayor of the City of Sarajevo and Prof. Dr. Rifat Škrijelj, University of Sarajevo Rector held a meeting to discuss topics and activities that the City and UNSA will work on together to develop and promote the City of Sarajevo as an international university center.

During the meeting, the position was agreed that increasing the number of foreign students is a key priority of joint cooperation, and the readiness was confirmed to focus activities on issues related to:

  • Accommodation and organization of work and life of the student population in Sarajevo;
  • Joint contribution of the City and UNSA in raising student standards;
  • Using the potentials and resources available to the City and UNSA in order to develop joint initiatives and projects aimed at establishing the infrastructure and program content necessary for the operation of modern university centers;
  • Joint organization of domestic and international events and gatherings;
  • And other areas of cooperation of common interest to the City and UNSA.

On this occasion, Mayor Dr. Karić emphasized the following “The City of Sarajevo fully supports our University of Sarajevo and can count on our support and cooperation, from the resources and services available to us through our services and institutions, to the human resources we have, especially in the field development and implementation of programs and projects of international character”.

Rector Škrijelj expressed his gratitude to the City of Sarajevo and the Mayor for their support to the University of Sarajevo and said that the goal could only be achieved through the work and collaboration between the academic community and institutions that represented the general public interest.