Prof. Dr. Samir Beglerović passed away

Na ahiret preselio prof. dr. Samir Beglerović

Prof. Dr. Samir Beglerović, UNSA Faculty of Islamic Sciences associate professor passed away on 9 November 2020.

Prof. Dr. Samir Beglerović was born in 1973 in Sarajevo. He finished the elementary school “Hasan Kikić” in Sarajevo, and then the Sarajevo First Lyceum in 1991. After high school, he enrolled and successfully graduated from the Faculty of Islamic Sciences in Sarajevo in 2000. From 2000 to 2002, he was the editor of the "Muslim Pages" of the Interfaith Dialogue Magazine “Abraham”, published by the Association for Interreligious Peacekeeping “ABRAHAM” from Sarajevo. From 2002 to 2005, he worked as a Project Coordinator in the Association “ABRAHAM” on the project “A place for others in our faith and life.” Since the beginning of 2004, he has been hired on a part-time basis as an assistant librarian at the Faculty of Islamic Sciences, and as a demonstrator on subjects in the field of aqeedah and comparative religions. Since January 2006, he has been employed at the Faculty of Islamic Sciences, as an assistant at the Department of Aqeedah. On 24 April 2004, after completing his postgraduate studies in the field of modern theology and comparative religions, he received his master's degree in Aqeedah and Tesawwuf on the topic: “Fejzulah Effendi Hadžibajrić - His Life and the Struggle to Return the Tekke to the Islamic Community”( Defense Commission: Prof. Adnan Silajdžić, President, Assistant Professor Ismet Bušatlić, Member, and Prof. Rešid Hafizović, Mentor). On 30 June 2008, he received his PhD in the field of Aqeedah and Tesawwuf on the topic: “'Abd alQādir al-Ġaylānī and the Qadriya Dervish Order” (Defense Committee: Prof. Ismet Bušatlić, President, Prof. Rešid Hafizović, Member, Prof. Enes Karić, member, Prof. Adnan Silajdžić, mentor). He has taught the following subjects “Review of Early Muslim Thought”, “Early Kelam Schools“, “Theological Anthropology”, “Fundamentals of the Teachings of Judaism and Christianity”, “Shiism”, “Contemporary Religious Movements” at the Faculty of Islamic Sciences and At the University of Tuzla. Prof. Dr. Samir Beglerović was the secretary of the postgraduate and doctoral studies at the Faculty of Islamic Sciences. Prof. Dr. Samir Beglerović was a mentor and a member of the commissions for the defense of graduate, master's, master's and doctoral theses, at the Faculty of Islamic Sciences and the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb. He has published several author's works and translations, in numerous professional and scientific journals, and journalism, which can be found in various scientific databases, as well as on the website "". Works, studies and works have been written in the fields of: aqeedah (dogmatics), tasawwuf, general theology, comparative religions, philosophy of religion and theology of culture.

The Hatma prayer will be performed on 11 November 2020 in the Faculty of Islamic Sciences Amphitheater, at 11:00, respecting epidemiological measures.

Funeral prayers will be performed on 11 November 2020 after the afternoon prayers in the Gazi Husrev-beg mosque harem, and the burial in the Dajanli Hajji Ibrahim mosque harem in Gorica.

On behalf of the academic community of the University of Sarajevo, the University Rectorate expresses its sincere condolences to the family and all bereaved.