Outstanding Scientific Success: Prof. Dr. Muharem Avdispahić’s Paper Published in the American Mathematical Society Journal

Značajan naučni uspjeh: Prof. dr. Muharem Avdispahić objavio je rad u časopisu Američkog matematičkog društva Mathematics of Computation

The paper Effective Bounds for Huber’s Constant and Faltings’s Delta Function by a full Department of Mathematics professor, Prof. Dr. Muharem Avdisaphić was published in the Q1 American Mathematical Society Journal Mathematics of Computation.

In the paper, Prof. Avdispahić managed to reduce the current estimate of the upper limit for Faltings’s delta function, depending on the situation, from 108 (100 million) times to 1016 (10 quadrillion) times. Falting's delta function is called the invariant associated with compact Riemann surfaces introduced by the German mathematician Gerd Faltings, winner of the Fields Medal (the world's highest recognition in mathematics) in a 1984 epochal work on arithmetic surfaces calculus. In the meantime, Jay Jorgenson and Juerg Kramer in the Annals of Mathematics in 2009 managed to express the limits for Falting's delta function in basic terms of hyperbolic surface geometry, and then in 2014 determined the effective limits that are subject to improvement by Prof. Avdispahić.