Celebrating the 75 aniversary of the University of Sarajevo Faculty of Law

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University of Sarajevo Faculty of Law in the academic year 2020/2021celebrates an important jubilee – its 75 anniversary. The Law on the Faculty of Law established the Faculty of Law with its headquarters in Sarajevo on 23 August 1946 in the “Official Gazette of the People's Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

In the first academic year 1946/47, a total of 334 students were enrolled. Classes at the Faculty began on 7 February 1947. The registrars of the Faculty of Law were: academician Prof. Dr. Mehmed Begović, full professor at the Faculty of Law in Belgrade, academician Prof. Dr. Gorazd Kušej, full professor at the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana, and Prof. Dr. Pavao Rastovčan, full professor at the Faculty of Law in Zagreb.

Since the late 1940s, the Faculty of Law, University of Sarajevo has played a dominant role in modern university research and teaching activities, in the development of various legal disciplines (in doctrinal and practical terms) and in the education of legal intelligence. Since then, the Faculty has built numerous bridges of knowledge, scientific research, professional and pedagogical work, and strengthened ties not only with those who study law, but also with those who study them from doctrinal positions and implement them in everyday life.
Therefore, for decades, the Faculty has played an active role in the affirmation of law and legal sciences, the development of the national legal system, and the promotion and raising of awareness of the importance of international law.
Looking back, we can state that the Faculty of Law has achieved exceptional results in research and study of legal sciences, not only in Bosnia and Herzegovina but also abroad.
Based on the acquired knowledge and reputation, he raised generations of young lawyers, made great efforts in the development of traditional legal disciplines, and opened the door to new legal branches that are affirmed together with the development of society, economy, technology and international relations.
The result of such an approach is reflected in the achieved results and in determining the direction of further development based on the acquired experience.
In that sense, it is very important to point out at this time that the Faculty of Law of the University of Sarajevo is a beacon of legal education and development of legal sciences in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In order to mark this jubilee, in the summer semester of 2020/2021 numerous events will be continuously realized. We single out the solemn session of the Teaching Scientific Council from April 6, 2021; Scientific conference “Development of scientific disciplines at the Faculty of Law, University of Sarajevo” which will be held on 8 September 2021; printing a special collection from the mentioned scientific gathering, as a kind of monument on the modern development of the Faculty of Law; promotion of student essays on international criminal law; promotion of the monograph “Judicial Palace - Study of facade canvas protection”; promotion of the publication “Faculty of Law in Sarajevo Yearbook (1953–2020) and Historical and Legal Proceedings (1949–1950) – bibliography”; conversation on the occasion - presentation of special editions of academic staff; organization of seminars/webinars on realized scientific research projects of the academic staff of the Faculty and others.