Anthology of the new BH drama "Wake me up when it's over"

Antologija nove bh. drame „Probudi me kad završi“

Anthology of the new BH drama entitled “Wake me up when it's over”, named after the text of playwright Mirza Skenderagić, awarded at the 4th Heartefact competition, consists of drama texts by eight young authors of the domestic drama scene. Among them are alumni of the Academy of Performing Arts of the University of Sarajevo: Nejra Babić, Mirza Skenderagić, Nedžma Čizmo, Dario Bevanda and Adnan Lugonić, senior assistant at the Department of Dramaturgy at ASU. This valuable collection, published in Polish under the title "Obudź mnie, gdy to się skończy", provides an insight into the genre and thematic diversity, as well as the artistic value of contemporary drama. It was recently presented as part of the 60th edition of the MESS Festival, and almost all dramatic texts, which are united in this anthology of Bosnian dramas found their way to the stages of one of the Bosnian theaters.