Participation of representatives of the Faculty of Islamic Sciences, University of Sarajevo in the international Barzinji project

Učešće predstavnika Fakulteta islamskih nauka Univerziteta u Sarajevu u međunarodnom projektu Barzinji

Participation of Prof. Dr. Dina Sijamhodžić-Nadarević and Faculty of Islamic Sciences, University of Sarajevo students in the international Barzina project (COIL - online learning in an international environment)


The previously established cooperation between the University of Sarajevo and the Faculty of Islamic Sciences on the Jamal Barzinji project  ( of the Shenandoah University in Winchester (Virginia, USA), continued through the COIL project International Learning), a project of virtual academic exchange and learning in an international environment.

Four universities are participating in the project: Shenandoah University (USA), Bridgewater College (USA), International Islamic University in Malaysia and the University of Sarajevo (FIN and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine), which have been piloting collaborative international learning activities since December 2020.

Participation in the project in front of the Faculty of Islamic Sciences UNSA was taken by Prof. Dr. Dina Sijamhodžić-Nadarević.

ANNOUNCEMENT – Jamal Barzinji Project on virtual exchange 1

In the first phase of the project, four-month educational seminars were organized for the academic staff of the four universities and they were prepared to lead a virtual academic collaboration. Prof. Dr. Dina Sijamhodžić-Nadarević collaborates with Prof. Dr. Catherine Schiffman from Shenandodah University (Department of Education and Leadership) on creating a module for a project on intercultural and interreligious values in teacher education programs in BiH and the USA (Intercultural and Interreligious values in College Education Programs/HE institutions in the USA and Bosnia & Herzegovina)

ANNOUNCEMENT_ Collaborative Projects-Barzinji project 2021 (2)

The second phase of the COIL project involves the collaboration of teachers and students from two universities using different technologies for the purpose of joint learning and interaction. With the mentorship of Prof. Dr. Sijamhodžić and Prof. Dr. Schiffman, doctoral students from Shenandoah University and undergraduate and master students at FIN will work together on the created project over two semesters. Registered students project participants from FIN are: Aida Musić, Amsal Memić, Dženana Delić, Hatidža Kukuruzović, Sumeja Ivazović, Lamija Aždahić, Eldar Jahić, Azra Lojić, Ahmed Memić and Fatima Ibrahimspahić.

In the summer semester of 2021 after the introduction, student teams will work together on analyzes of national and international legal frameworks and instruments with regard to intercultural education, policies, initiatives, recommendations. Towards the end of the semester, an initial analysis of selected teacher education programs in the United States and Bosnia and Herzegovina in terms of intercultural values of equality, diversity, tolerance, solidarity, and interreligious values is planned. In the continuation of cooperation through the next semester, Prof. Dr. Sijamhodžić and Prof. Dr. Schiffman will prepare students to create an “inclusive curriculum/syllabus”. It is also planned to implement various activities within the project "Intercultural and Interreligious Week at Shenandoah University and the University of Sarajevo"

Source: Fakultet islamskih nauka Univerziteta u Sarajevu