Internet promotion and presentation: “Green entrepreneurship e-portal and android application” organized

Upriličena internetska promocija i prezentacija „Zeleno poduzetništvo: e-portal i android aplikacija“

The regional e-portal “Green Entrepreneurship” and the application for Android was developed within the Erasmus + project “WESTERN BALKANS URBAN AGRICULTURE INITIATIVE - BUGI”. The presentation was held on 27 May 2021 via the Google Meet platform.

This initiative will function as a virtual association of farmers from urban agriculture as well as other farmers in the region. This e-portal is linked to the official website of the project ( and will serve to disseminate the results of the project. The project “BUGI” team will work continuously on research of regional and international participants, increase the number of portal members and cooperation by sending invitations and promotional materials. At the same time, it will allow farmers, businesses and civil society groups to use information, literature and manuals. The Regional Green Entrepreneurship Portal will collaborate with similar initiatives around the world, ensuring expansion beyond the scope of implementation and use of the project after its implementation.

Green Entrepreneurship will explore alternative sales and marketing strategies (e.g., CSA, agricultural markets, boxing/delivery service schemes, breeding care, rental concepts, etc.). An Android application has been developed in which farmers will meet consumers. This program would increase farmers' incomes, but at the same time act as a short food supply chain and have a positive impact on the local economy. The application will also be used to disseminate project results.

E-portal for green entrepreneurship and Android application (Green Entrepreneurship e-portal and android application) can be found at: