The second part of the Professional Development Program for chemistry teachers was held

Održan drugi dio Programa stručnog usavršavanja za nastavnike hemije/kemije

As part of the Erasmus+ CBHE project Educating Science Teachers for All (ESTA), on 11 December 2021, the second part of the training for chemistry teachers in primary schools was realized at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, University of Sarajevo. Teachers from Sarajevo Canton and Zenica-Doboj Canton attended the professional training, and the training consisted of lectures, workshops and laboratory work. In two parts, a total of 18 hours of training in the field of chemistry in education, intercultural education, language heterogeneity, and participants had the opportunity to listen to lectures on scientific capital in natural sciences, CLIL in chemistry teaching  chemistry, the functioning of the official trilingualism in the BiH school system and the language of chemistry, then participate in workshops on nonviolent communication and teaching in heterogeneous communities, and as part of laboratory exercises used modern equipment (laboratory sensors, tablets, "smart" board) and various mobile applications applicable in science teaching. In this way, teachers were introduced to modern equipment that is applicable in working with students in chemistry teaching with new teaching methods that include CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning), action research, and the application of digital technology in chemistry teaching. primary schools. One of the most important goals of the training is to sensitize teachers to the diversity of students, and to respect the diversity in the classroom.

The implementers of the training program were members of the ESTA project team at the University of Sarajevo: Doz. Dr. Ines Nuić (project manager), Prof. Emeritus Meliha Zejnilagić-Hajrić, M.Sc. Merima Mrdić (Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics), Doz. Dr. Emina Dedić Bukvić (Faculty of Philosophy), Prof. Dr. Emira Mešanović-Meša (Faculty of Education).

At the end of the second part of the training, teachers were awarded certificates of participation in the Professional Development Program for Chemistry Teachers. In the following period, the realization of professional development is also planned for teachers/professors of secondary schools.


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