Adnan Lugonić's play “If They Would Speak Aloud” presented in Paris

Drama Adnana Lugonića „Kad bi naglas govorili” prezentirana i u Parizu

At Théâtre 13 in Paris, a public reading and presentation of the play “If They Would Speak Aloud”/“Puissent nos voix résonner” by Adnan Lugonić, senior assistant at the Department of Dramaturgy of the Academy of Performing Arts, University of Sarajevo, was recently held, translated by Karina Samardžija and directed by Selim Kerrou. By the way, from 2018, the play “If They Would Speak Aloud” directed by the Dean of the Academy of Arts and Arts Prof. Srđan Vuletić also plays in the repertoire of “Chamber Theater 55.”