Online promotion of the book “Alexander Technique in Accordionism” by Dr. Belma Šarančić

Muzička akademija
Datum događaja

The UNSA Music Academy concert season in November organized several content-rich musical events, which aim to offer the Sarajevo public a quality musical experience. One of them is the promotion of the book “Alexander Technique in Accordion” by professor Dr. Belma Šarančić, who due to the current epidemiological situation is switching to a parallel online program of the season, which is also the first online promotion of the book at the UNSA Music Academy.
The book “Alexander Technique in Accordionism” is the result of a doctoral research conducted in 2014, derived from the personal experience of the author, and a doctoral dissertation defended at the UNSA Academy of Music in 2015. The reason for publishing the book was primarily the will of the author Dr. Šarančić for his contribution to the perception of the real picture of the relationship to the psychophysical aspect of musical performance. 

Since this is a promotion of an art research book, the promotion itself will be conceived as a concert promotion in which the subject matter of the book will be narrated and artistically presented. The narrative segment will consist of an address by the promoter, Prof. Dr. Senad Kazić, (MAS UNSA), Prof. Mr. Sc. Corrado Rojca (Conservatorio di Musica "Giuseppe Tartini", Trieste) and Prof. Mr. Sc. Borut Zagoranski (University of Ljubljana, Academy of Music, Ljubljana) as well as the speech of the author herself. The artistic part of the promotion will be performed by the author of the book, who will be joined at the end by students of the Academy of Performing Arts, Hana Zrno and Harun Ćehović. The very concept of the artistic part will guide the viewers through a comparison of the interpretive and artistic requirements of classical and contemporary accordion literature.
The link of the promotion will be distributed through the youtube channel of the MAS Concert Season and its social media on Friday, 13 November at 19:00, which will make this online promotion available to the widest audience.