66th World Student Dental Congress

66. Svjetski studentski stomatološki kongres
Datum događaja

Advancing in scientific knowledge, clinical skills, personality development, and above all, connecting with the world - all in one event: the 66th World Student Dental Congress (66th  IADS MYM 2020) in Bosnia and Herzegovina. After 65 years of successful organizing, UNSA Faculty of Dental Medicine with Clinics students will host this historic event from 16 to 21 February 2020.

Representing BiH, a member of the World Student Dental Association, and getting a hosting of this World Congress are the results of three years of work and dedication by Mirsad Kadić, University of Sarajevo Golden Badge winner, a third cycle doctoral student at the Faculty of Dental Medicine with Clinics and a member of the University of Sarajevo Steering Committee. In Madrid, Kaohsiung and Strasbourg, Mirsad Kadić presented his research papers and through his efforts our country became a member of IADS. He initiated activities to host this event in 2018 and at the General Assembly of this Association in Strasbourg managed to win the position of host.

The congress participants will be able to improve their knowledge and gain new one by attending lectures and workshops of renowned professors and experts, namely:
• Prof. Dr. Koichi Kato (Japan)
• Prof. Dr. Akulovich Andrey (Russia)
• Prof. Dr. Ender Kazazoğlu (Turkey)
• Prof. Dr. Enita Nakaš (Bosnia and Herzegovina),
• Prof. Dr. Sci. Veton I. Hoxha (Turkey),
• Ass. Prof. Dr. Elmedin Bajrić (Bosnia and Herzegovina),
• Prof. Dr. Selma Zukić (Bosnia and Herzegovina),
• Ass. Prof. Dr. Naida Hadžiabdić (Bosnia and Herzegovina),
• Ass. Prof. Dr. Cagdas Kislaoglu (Turkey),
• Prof. Dr. Danimir Jevremovic (Serbia),
• Dr. Ljubomir Mičić (Serbia),
• Ass. Dr. Danijel Domić (Austria),
• Dr. Dime Sapundziev (Macedonia),
• Dr. Sinan Emre Şekerci (Turkey)
• Dr. Sc. Helen Roberts (Denmark)
• Dr. Tomaž Ivanušič (Slovenia)
• Dr. Nicholas David Charles (Italy)
• Dr. Sc. Nikola Radović (Serbia)
• Dr. Ivan Puljić (Croatia)
• Dr. Marija Ristanović (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
• Dr. Ajdin Lušija (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
• Dr. Omar Albairat (Morocco)
• Dr. Consolata Pejrone (Italy)

The Dental Olympics is the most interesting part of this congress. Students will have the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills that they have acquired during school and to compete against each other in groups of three. The Olympics will cover general knowledge in dentistry, manual skills such as tooth modeling and stitching. Winners will be given valuable prizes provided by sponsors.
Although vocational development is a priority of such events, it is equally important to make friends and to provide a pleasant atmosphere that will remain in the memory of all participants for a lifetime. In the social part of the program, participants will have the opportunity to visit famous sights, and after a cultural and scientific education, relax with the atmosphere of Sarajevo's nightlife.

The team that selflessly invested the effort to make this event happen at the highest level is: Mirsad Kadić, Mirza Ramičević, Ajla Jaganjac, Anesa Pirović, Arman Smajić, Benjamin Halilbašić, Hajrudin Šišić, Mirna Pašić, Elvina Adrović, Jasmina Alendar, Ismar Alibašić, Matea Kovač, Katarina Ponjavić, Merima Karović, Semin Dulić, Tiffany Očko, Saira Omanović, Dino Kosovac, Nermin Mameledžija and Selma Mustafić.

The World Student Dental Congress opening ceremony will take place on 16 February 2020 in City Hall. The end of this major event will be marked by the gala evening at the Holiday Hotel on 19 February 2020.

In addition to domestic sponsors and partners such as the UNSA Faculty of Dental Medicine with Clinics, City of Sarajevo, BH Telecom, Vispak, Oaza, Klas et al, and foreign companies, the importance of this historic event was recognized by the University of Sarajevo (UNSA), which is the general sponsor of the Congress.