Researchers from the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Science’s top result: Prof. Dr. Irzada Taljić and Prof. Dr. Muhamed Brka published a paper in Food Quality and Preference

Food Quality and Preference

In the situation of a large number of people infected with the COVID-19 virus, a group of researchers (AGR-141, Department of Food and Nutrition) from the University of Granada, Spain (, in cooperation with European partners including the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences, University of Sarajevo (, launched an online survey during the spring of 2020 (the first “lockdown”) to determine the impact of COVID-19 restrictions on eating habits of European populations, including Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The project is entitled: Changes in Dietary Behaviors During the COVID-19 Outbreak Confinement in the Adult Population (COVIDiet_Int). He is enrolled at (, and as a result a joint paper entitled: Impact of COVID-19 confinement on eating behaviors across 16 European countries: the COVIDiet cross-national study in a scientific journal of category Q1: Food Quality and Preference -