The Department of Physics, UNSA Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics organizes ALICE masterclass and GSI Medical therapy masterclass

Odsjek za fiziku Prirodno-matematičkog fakulteta UNSA organizira masterclass ALICE i GSI Medical therapy masterclass

The ALICE (A Large Ion Collider Experiment - CERN) masterclass will be organized by the Department of Physics, UNSA Faculty of Natural Sciences on Friday, 5 March 2021. On Thursday, 4 March 2021, the GSI Medical therapy masterclass will as well be organized for interested high school students. It is about a global project of the world's top laboratories to popularize science, in which students are given the opportunity to be scientists for one day.

The masterclass is a full-day activity for high school students, and consists of introductory lectures given by renowned scientists, university workers and researchers from CERN (or other world laboratories). After the break students will get the opportunity to process real data and make conclusions themselves, and get acquainted with the process of research and data processing.

All masterclass activities are planned online.
After data processing, there will be a video link with CERN with colleagues and peers from Trieste, Vienna, Heidelberg and St. Petersburg.

After introductory lectures and independent work within the Medical therapy masterclass, students will engage in a video conference with the GSI Center from Germany along with colleagues and peers from Prague, Tehran and Mexico City.

Students will also be able to attend a virtual tour of ALICE detectors and top European hadron therapy centers CNAO in Italy and GSI in Heidelberg,