Book by Prof. Dr. Emira Švraka “Cerebral palsy challenges for the future” Achieved Astonishing Results

Zavidan rezultat knjige „Cerebralna paraliza: izazovi za budućnost“ prof. dr. Emire Švrake

A book “Cerebral palsy challenges for the future” by Prof. Dr. Emira Švraka has achieved an astonishing result. According to the publishing company IntechOpen, along with the congratulations to Professor Švraka, this international book proved to be very popular - so far more than 20,000 researchers cited/used the chapters from this book for their research and papers. They also point out that research has undoubtedly an impact within the scientific community, and that researchers around the world found links to research for further develop of their own projects.

Prof. Dr Sci. Med. Emira Švraka, spec. physical medicine and rehabilitation, Mr. Sci. of child and adolescent psychiatry and psychology, has been working for 21 years in re/habilitation with families of children/persons with multiple difficulties. She is a full-time professor and Vice-Dean for the second cycle of studies at the Faculty of Health Studies, University of Sarajevo. InTech recommends this international scientific book to all physicians, physiotherapist and rehabilitation specialists, pediatricians, orthopedists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, rehabilitation nurses, psychologists, sociologists, social workers, other medical professionals, teachers of all profiles, students of various studies, but before to all parents of children with disabilities and the whole community.

“I am proud that over the past five years since the publication of the book, the book has been cited by some 20,000 my colleagues of researchers around the world and I share my success with all my colleagues at the University of Sarajevo, especially with my colleagues from the Faculty of Health Studies, University of Sarajevo” said Prof. Dr. Emira Švraka. She added: “I consider this work particularly important for social inclusion in BiH.”

Links to the book and for two chapters:

Cerebral Palsy challenges for the future. by Emira Švraka Published by InTech, Rijeka, Croatia ISBN 978-953-51-1234-1 First published March 2014.