13th May Music Festival: Online Solo Singing Department Concert

Muzička akademija

After the opening of online edition of the 13th Festival of the May Music Festival, with an Accordion Department concert, the Music Academy, University of Sarajevo continues the Festival with the online concert of the Department of Solo Singing scheduled for May 13.

For the first time, students, artistic associates and professors of the Department of Solo Singing faced the challenge of preparing an online concert in extremely difficult working conditions, especially for young singers who are still learning, where direct contact between students and professors was impossible.

The lack of better recording devices, acoustic spaces, and the distance of students, associates and professors, who are currently in different cities of BiH and Croatia, did not hinder the realization of the idea to share part of the teaching process and preparatory program for the concert with the audience. Thus, in the video of the concert of the Department of Solo Singing, viewers will have the opportunity to hear a diverse program performed by students Laura Kozlinger (soprano, 2nd year), Emina Porča (soprano, 2nd year), Emili Špac (soprano, 3rd year), in exchange with Academy of Arts and Culture in Osijek) and Hana Salihović (soprano, 3rd year), in the class of professor doz. Vedrana Šimić, and with piano accompaniment by a senior artistic associate Dr. Milan Lucić.

The concert is available at the following link: