"Maker Hub" student club established at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Osnovan klub studenata Mašinskog fakulteta „Maker Hub“

At the beginning of the summer semester of the academic year 2020/2021, the student club at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering "Maker Hub" started working. The club was established as a branch of the Student Council of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering "Mašinac", with the aim of gathering students who want to expand their acquired theoretical knowledge and also enrich and develop through practical work.

Areas that this club deals with through its practical work are related to: CNC control and programming (CNC machines, 3D printers), robotics, 3D modeling and other areas of mechanical engineering, with an emphasis on teamwork. Through free education, competitive and innovative projects, students will be able to present their ideas to colleagues and work with them on development; from the conceptual design, through the prototype to the final product or project, using the most modern faculty equipment.

For all information on activities, rules and membership in the club, as well as for all other questions, suggestions and suggestions, feel free to contact us by e-mail maker_hub@mef.unsa.ba or by appointment in person at the club i209 (second floor, new building).