The IQPharm project is extremely important for the advancement of the higher education and science sectors

IQPharm projekat izuzetno značajan za unapređenje sektora visokog obrazovanja i nauke

Presentation of a well-designed strategy for modernization of higher education in pharmacy at public universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which includes improving the practical part of education in order to harmonize it with EU standards and regulations of higher education for regulated professions, as well as introducing European best teaching practices. It was organized at a consultative meeting attended by the Minister of Science, Higher Education and Youth of the Sarajevo Canton, Prof. Dr Aleksandra Nikolić, assistant ministers Azra Ivazović and Mr. Sci. Azemina Njuhović, and the Dean of the University of Sarajevo - Faculty of Pharmacy Prof. Dr. Fahir Bečić, project team member, Doz. Dr Alisa Elezović and Prof. Dr. Tamer Bego, team leader that prepared and implemented the Erasmus+ project for capacity building in higher education called “Innovating quality assessment tools for pharmacy studies in Bosnia and Herzegovina (IQPharm).”

Minister Prof. Dr. Nikolić, pointed out that the Ministry provides full support from the very beginning in the realization of the goals of the IQPharm project, and the participants concluded that Erasmus+ projects are extremely important for improving the higher education and science sectors, and indirectly affect the quality of life of young people.