Summer School "Social Trauma" 2020

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Hotel Eko-FIS, Vlašić

Invitation letter
Summer school
“Social Trauma in Changing Societies (STICS)” - Migration, Sociotraumatic Past and Contemporary Social Dynamics
Summer School "Social Trauma" 2020
 Hotel Eko-FIS, Vlašić
20. - 26.09.2020
The STICS project, created from the intensive cooperation of the research networks "Trauma, Trust, and Memory" and "Migration - Trauma in Transition", has been connecting students and professors from ten different universities from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Germany, Serbia and Turkey for six years. Through this project, transregional academic cooperation in the field of social trauma is strengthened - extremely relevant for all participating countries.
The main goal of the project is to design and promote a complex approach to the challenges posed by mass migration, which takes into account all persons, causes and consequences of social trauma. In addition, the project aims to provide future generations of social scientists with the opportunity to experience learning in an international context.
How did the current socio-traumatic experiences of people on the move (refugees and migrants), but also citizens in the countries that welcome them, shape their mutual interactions?
How do these experiences affect the creation of conditions and environments that will facilitate or jeopardize the integration of refugees and their participation in education, the work environment and the various social and political processes of the societies in which they come?
Through the answers to these questions, the understanding of trauma expands from the individual level to the social level - to the social factors that influence the creation, shaping and coping with trauma. Through interdisciplinary and intersectoral cooperation between public institutions, the NGO sector and the private sector, this project promotes the exchange of knowledge and experiences about the socio-traumatic past, but also current views on the integration of refugees. The participating countries differ in their approaches to migration issues, so this is also an opportunity to exchange good practices.
In 2020, the 9th summer school on the topic of social trauma will be organized, through which students will:
•    gain specific knowledge about social trauma and its consequences on social and mental health
•    develop specific research knowledge in the field of social trauma through direct contact with scientists and professionals in this field
•    gain experience in cross-cultural research.
Due to the situation caused by the COVID-19 virus pandemic, the 2020 summer school will be held in a combined model of live teaching in small groups and distance teaching for lectures with a larger number of participants. Students from each country will have an organized joint meeting in their country, where they will meet live with students from other universities in that country. Then, classes and teaching activities will be organized with the help of video conferencing software, through which students from one country will connect with professors and students from other countries. Specifically, in the case of Bosnia and Herzegovina, students and professors from the Universities of Sarajevo, Banja Luka and Tuzla will meet live, and then participate online in international lectures with students from other countries. The meeting place for students from BiH will be the Eko-FIS hotel in Vlašić.
The summer school lasts six days, and the teaching has an interdisciplinary character, so the topic of social trauma is studied from the angles: Study of Traumatic Memory, Developmental Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Research on Social Trauma, Ethics of Social Trauma Research and Cultural Studies. All classes are conducted in English.
All participants who successfully complete the summer school and submit the final portfolio will receive a certificate of participation.
All students of the Master's degree in Psychology
•    Short CV (should also contain information on the average grades in the first cycle of study)
•    Motivation letter (one page)
Send the above mentioned to the e-mail addresses: and
•    Grade point average
•    A compelling letter of motivation
The summer school is funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD):
•    Travel to Vlašić is organized independently, and travel costs are reimbursed according to mileage or bus ticket price
•    Organization and accommodation costs for 6 nights in rooms for 2 to 4 people are covered by the organizers
•    Food costs are covered by the organizers
The application deadline is 30 July 2020.