A Round Table on Genetic Diversity Indicators and the Third Congress of Genetic Scientists in BiH with International Participation Held

Održan Okrugli sto  o indikatorima genetičke raznolikosti i Treći kongres genetičara u BiH sa međunarodnim učešćem

Organized by the Association of Genetics in BiH, the Association for Genetic Preservation of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Endemic and Indigenous Resources “Genoofond” and the European Research Network “G-Bike”, on 2/10/ 2023 in the Holiday Hotel the round table “Applicable Indicators for Genetic Diversity. - On the way to the preservation of biodiversity and ecosystem resistance” was held.

Although the composition and structure of the genetic material has long known and genetic analyses are unavoidable in numerous segments of everyday life, such as medical diagnostics, judiciary, food analysis, etc., to recognize the importance of genetic diversity indicators within the conservation and protection of total biodiversity 20 years.

Given that genetic indicators, as an important aspect of monitoring biodiversity, finally recognize within the United Nations Convention on the biological diversion, maintaining the specified roundtable has enabled the dialogue about the non -Opanous activities of the application of the same, which is now obligatory for Bosnia and Herzegovina as a convention signatory .

As stated by Prof. Dr. Cristiano Vernesi (Italy), a roundtable moderator, “the genetic diversity of individuals is key to adjusting and surviving organisms in conditions such as pollution, climate change and all other changes, but it took many years to start recognizing genetic indicators within the Convention United Nations on biological diversion. The reason for this is the fact that we do not see Gene with the naked eye and the analysis of genetic material is expensive and requires special equipment.”

The development of applicable indicators for genetic diversity has virtually enabled the assessment of genetic diversity based on genetic analyses and can also be used in countries that do not have expensive equipment and educated staff. During the round table, Dr. Alicia Mastretta-Yanes (Mexico) practically demonstrated the way of applying the indicators of these indicators and the results of their application in 9 countries.


Prof. Dr. Senka Barudanović, who, as one of the authors of "Assessment of Nature of Nature in BiH and managing natural resources in Bosnia and Herzegovina (PSP BiH)" and emphasized the importance of engaging relevant scientists by the Government and informed the public of the importance of biodiversity in general and the Benefits brings to the human community.


The roundtable was held as an introductory event in the third congress of genetics in BiH with international participation organized by the Association of Geneticists in BiH, in cooperation with the Institute for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology of the University of Sarajevo. In the period from 2 to 4 October 2023, the Congress brought together over 200 participants and partners and about 80 centers from Kenya, Mexico, Indonesia, United States, Germany, Hungary, as well as countries of the region. At the opening of the congress, besides the organizer, the rector of the University of Sarajevo addressed prof. Dr. Rifat Škrijelj and expert associate for scientific research infrastructure and scientific staff at the Federal Ministry of Education and Science Dr. Goran Karanović. The event was supported by the presence of Assistant Minister for Science, Higher Education and Young Canton Sarajevo, Mr. Sci. Azemina Njuhović and the University of Sarajevo Vice-Rectors, Prof. Dr. Enita Nakaš and Prof. Dr. Mirza Dautbašić.

During the three days of the Congress, Sarajevo was a center of world scientific achievements related to the use of genetics in diagnosis and prevention of diseases in humans, analyzing genetic materials of natural plant and animal resources, ecotoxicology, forensic and other areas. Given that the congress was open to students, they were able to hear the most scientific information, some of which were not yet officially available in the scientific literature.

The implementation of the Congress is made possible by the support of the Federal Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Science, Higher Education and Young Canton of Sarajevo, the US Embassy in Sarajevo and numerous sponsors from the industry.

The Congress has fulfilled the expectations of both organizers and participants with the obtained goal of exchanging information and knowledge, strengthening and establishment of the basis for cooperation and development, and contributing to global well-being to humanity.

Održan Okrugli sto  o indikatorima genetičke raznolikosti i Treći kongres genetičara u BiH sa međunarodnim učešćem
Održan Okrugli sto  o indikatorima genetičke raznolikosti i Treći kongres genetičara u BiH sa međunarodnim učešćem
Održan Okrugli sto  o indikatorima genetičke raznolikosti i Treći kongres genetičara u BiH sa međunarodnim učešćem