UNSA Resources

Access to scientific databases at the University of Sarajevo:

Web of Science, Scopus, SciVal and EBSCOhost

In order to achieve a research mission of the university, access to the latest scientific information in the field of science and research, is essential for the planning of scientific research. Work based on evidence and the carrying out of evaluation of research programs are of crucial importance. In order to achieve timely access to quality scientific and technical information, the University of Sarajevo provides subscriptions to bibliographic and aggregated databases, enabling the community of teachers, researchers, students and associates of the University of Sarajevo access to the latest current production of scientific journals and books (monographic publications) as well as bibliographic-citations that allow monitoring of the emergence of new research and selective information dissemination services in which all teachers, associates and students can have their own research profile and receive automated information on their field of interest on a daily and weekly basis. Aggregate fulltext databases provide access to complete editions of journals and books.

Access to the following databases is provided:

Web of Science: a bibliographic and citation database that covers over 18,500 peer-reviewed journals in its three indexes, the Social Sciences Citation Index, the Science Citation Index, and the Arts and Humanities Citation Index. It enables monitoring of production with the highest impact factors, as well as citation analyzes that are of paramount importance for teachers and associates in preparing their papers for publication in eminent publications.

Scopus: the largest bibliographic and citation database for the research of reviewed publications in scientific journals. Scopus has built-in tools that allow researchers to effectively monitor, analyze, and visualize research at the level of detail of their choice. Scopus provides researchers with a quick, simple and comprehensive source of support for research in the fields of technical, medical and social sciences as well as in arts and humanities. Scopus offers access to over 22,000+ journals titles from over 5,000 publishers, over 3,800 journals in open access (golden way), over 33 million records. It is also agreed to access the SciVal database which enables the evaluation of scientific research work.

EBSCOhost: a multidisciplinary full-text database. Academic Search Complete contains more than 8500 full texts, including over 7300 reviewed journals. In addition to full text, this database also offers indexing and abstracts for more than 12500 journals and a total of more than 13,200 publications, including monographs, reports, agenda of conferences, etc. The database contains PDF documents with content dating back to 1887. Searchable references for more than 1400 journals are also available. MasterFILE Premier contains complete texts from more than 1,700 periodicals since 1975. MasterFILE Premier processes almost all general areas, but also a complete text of nearly 500 reference books and more than 164400 primary sources, and a collection of images with more than 592000 photos, maps and flags. The database is updated daily through the EBSCOhost portal. Business Source Complete is an important science-business database, which contains a leading collection of bibliographic and integral content. In the comprehensive material that this database contains, it has been listed and summarized the most important scientific-business journals since 1886. It contains a search engine cited references from more than 1300 journals.