The University of Sarajevo Open Doors Day

Proud of Knowledge

With all the advantages of studying at the most prestigious, oldest, most diverse and largest University in Bosnia and Herzegovina, all interested high school graduates from Bosnia and Herzegovina will be introduced to the event “University of Sarajevo Open Days” which will be held on 11 April 2018 at the University Campus in the period from 12 to 17 hrs.

On that day, our prospective students will have an opportunity to get acquainted with the opportunities and the way of studying at the oldest university in Bosnia and Herzegovina. During the event, 25 Faculties and Academies will present over 500 study programs, which makes the University of Sarajevo most diverse.

This event will be held within joint promotion of the enrollment under the name Proud of Knowledge that the University of Sarajevo will launch for the first time this year. The promotion of enrollment at the University of Sarajevo in the 2018/2019 is organized with the aim of strengthening the public education sector, the integrated promotion of the University, and giving better to graduates, our future freshmen. The quality and tradition offered by the University in Sarajevo are what differentiates the young people in the labor market by completing their education.

In order to make it easier for our future students to make the decision on choosing the right path for their future, we have been able to use a web guide for future students:, in step with the present needs of society, our students and their parents to inform students about the Faculties and Academies.

Red Bull, Bit Alliance, Tapas, and radio partners: Antena Sarajevo and Radio MIX made possible the organization this event.

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