The 45 Academy of Fine Arts’ Anniversary Celebrated

Akademija likovnih umjetnosti

On 7November, the 45th UNSA Academy of Fine Arts’ Anniversary was celebrated by organizing an annual student works exhibition. At the annual exhibition were presented students works from all Academy’s departments who were judged and proposed by Departments professors in academic 2016/2017.
The commission consisting of Dr. Ibrahim Krzović, professor emeritus and president of the jury, Prof. Dr. Dubravka Pozderac-Lejlić, Member of the Jury, and Doz. Dr Ema Mazrak, member of the jury, nominated as the best Academy of Arts students:: Anđela Banović from the Teachers' Department, and special praise was given to the students Azra Fazlić for her painting, Adnan Sopović from the Department of Painting, Graduate student Antonela Bender and student Sara Hasanefendić from the Sculpture Department. The best student of the Department of Graphic Design is Ajša Beširević and her work for Mikser Sarajevo, and special praise in the field of photography was given by students Stela Dujmušić, and in the field of multimedia praise was given to student Velid Agović for his Alu solution. Vedad Dizdarević was chosen as the best Product Design student.
The Commission decided that this year's award Alija Kučukalić goes to Vedad Dizdarević, a student of the Department of Product Design for his exceptional creative and high quality solutions in the conceptual and design.