Istraživanje i saradnja

Applying for International calls

University of Sarajevo participates in many international educational and research programs as coordinator or partner. We are registered in many databased for EU and other funded programs.

The University of Sarajevo always appears as one "body" in these programs regardless of which member unit (faculty, academy, center or institute) applies. Although many projects are implemented at the member units of the University of Sarajevo, when applying for these calls (Erasmus+, CEEPUS, IPA, Horizon2020...) the application is filled out on behalf of the University, which has its own participant identification information:

  • Local name: Univerzitet u Sarajevu
  • English: University of Sarajevo
  • Correct abbreviation: UNSA
  • Type of institution: Higher education institution - public university
  • ID: 4200494560007
  • VAT: 200494560007
  • PIC: 995549995
  • OID: E10186799

NOTE: these are the true data (participation details about UNSA) to be used when applying for project/program calls. Any other numbers, codes or details can disqualify UNSA as potential coordinator or partner in the project. 

If you want to include University of Sarajevo in your project proposal(s) for upcoming calls, you can contact:

  • International Relations Office:

    • Erasmus+ (KA107, EM Joint Master Degrees, Capacity Building, Jean Monnet, Strategic Partnership, Sport), Mevlana, Ceepus, bilateral agreements, Creative Europe and other educational programs

  • Research Office

    • Horizon2020 and other research programs