Istraživanje i saradnja

Međunarodna saradnja

The University of Sarajevo is not a traditional campus university, and if you are used to a campus environment, you may find it very different to study here. The Faculties and Academies are spread at different locations across the capital. The UNSA International Relations Office is located in the Rectorate (the central University administration offices, in the same building as the Faculty of Law). 

We will assist you with the issues of admission, housing, student counseling, and orientation programs, including various social events, with the aim to help you meet other international students. Living and studying away from home can be challenging experience - particularly in the beginning of your stay.  At the International Relations Office you have the opportunity to ask questions in informal surroundings. We will be happy to help you, or to point you in the right direction to where you can get help regardless of whether your questions relate to your study programme, personal problems, or basic practical issues. 

The University of Sarajevo is a partner in many academic programs which allows its students and members of staff to be a part of mobility processes and spend certain period on the international partner universities, and also to be a host university to the students and members of staff from international universities. The most popular mobility programs are ERASMUS+, ERASMUS MUNDUS, CEEPUS, MEVLANA, Best of South-East-Europe, Visegrad Fund, etc.

International Relations Office is very active in promoting our University through info days, fairs, promotional materials, e-newsletters and news. The contents can be found on our web site 

University of Sarajevo has its central International Relations Office, but also every Faculty, Academy and other associate member at our University has its own International Relations department (vice-dean, coordinator or contact person for international relations). They will provide even more exact information about academic activities, exams and other information for your better mobility. They are here for you if you have any questions regarding your study plan, which courses to take, how many ECTS points are required, prerequisites to courses etc. However, you can always contact us first and we shall appoint you to the right direction.