Info on Studies

The University of Sarajevo offers over 500 study programs from different scientific areas (groups).

Group of social sciences: law, economics, management, business economics, criminology, criminology and security studies, political science, social work, journalism.

Group of medical sciences: pharmacy, medicine, dentistry, veterinary laboratory technology, radiological technology, environmental health and human ecology, health care and therapy.

The group of humanities: sport and physical education, foreign languages ​​(English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Persian, Turkish), Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian language and literature, philosophy, sociology, history, art history, pedagogy , psychology, librarianship, preschool education, classroom, culture of life and technical education.

Group of technical sciences: architecture, automation and electronics, electrical engineering, computer and information science, telecommunications, traffic, communications, construction, geodesy, mechanical and manufacturing engineering, manufacturing technologies, automation and robotics, mechatronics in mechanical engineering.

The group of natural-mathematical and biotechnical sciences: plant production, zootechnics, economics of agriculture and food industry, food technology, physics, chemistry, geography, mathematics, forestry and horticulture.

Art group: painting, sculpture, graphics, graphic design, product design, acting, dramaturgy, direction, composition, conducting, solo singing, piano, percussion, harp, string instruments, wind instruments, musicology and ethnomusicology, and musical theories.